Study in UK


The United Kingdom is the congregate of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This island nation situated at the Northwestern Europe, has always been a dream land for pursuing higher education for Indians from even before independence. But, United Kingdom still retains its popularity for students due to a multitude of reasons, some of which are highlighted below:


Why Choose UK?

Treasure trove of Recognized Universities: United Kingdom has as far as 10 educational institutions which have ranked in the QS World University Ranking, amongst which, University of Oxford taking the 5th rank, University of Cambridge 7th, Imperial College London 8th, and University College London taking the 10th rank conquered the top ten. Being able to graduate from an educational institution of United Kingdom will definitely open up the door for numerous job prospects as the degrees are globally recognized and immensely respected.

High Quality Education: UK is known for providing their students with the best possible education system as they have a firm faith in the all-round development of the students. The educational institutions not only have highly esteemed professors but their infrastructures are also equipped with Hi-Tech, simplifying the process of imparting knowledge.

Scholarships for Indian Students: Innumerable scholarships like Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plan, Hornby Scholarships, Rhodes Scholarships are allotted for Indian students to cater various needs.

Part-time job: There are many educational institutions which allow the students to work part-time jobs. The students are allowed to work for 20hrs a week if they are pursuing a degree course and language center students can work for 10hrs a week. Working fulltime is allowed only during vacations whereas self-employment is prohibited. Though a work permit is required, it is easy to find jobs or various internships with high wages. Accountancy, Social Care, Customer Service, Marketing are some of the popular options for working part-time. The student must have a students’ VISA though.

MBA: Opting to study in UK is the best choice for students especially aspiring for the MBA degree as some of the best universities in the world like the Oxford University offer this course and they structure the curriculum in a way that the students get practical exposure to the world, which in terms aid in their all-round development.

Chances of acquiring Permanent Residency: Studying and acquiring a degree from the United Kingdom simplifies the procedure of obtaining Permanent Residency in there.

Eligibility Criteria


A student aspiring to study in the United Kingdom must have the following qualifications:

  1. Completion of 13yrs of education at least.
  2. Pre-university qualification exams which are equivalent to UK A-levels, Scottish Highers or National Diplomas
  3. IELTS 5.5-6.0

Apart from these, the qualification criterion varies from course to course and degrees to degrees.