Study in New Zealand

New Zealand, an island country in Oceania, has gradually been gaining immense popularity amongst Indian students since the last decade as a country for pursuing higher education. The nexus of reasons which has inculcated into this rise in interest amongst Indian educands towards New Zealand can be understood if we consider the following.

World-class education: The fact that New Zealand provides astounding education facilities to the students is proved by all of its eight universities’ ranks in QS World University Ranking and Times Higher Education.

Simple and fluid visa acquisition system: New Zealand’s visa acquisition system is fairy fast and easy compared to many other countries.

Scholarships for Indians: Indian students are offered numerous scholarships like New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships which cover all of a student’s possible necessities. There is a criterion for being able to apply for one though, like having good grades and other factors like the type of program one is opting for and so on.

Affordability:New Zealand is one of the most affordable countries out there.

Environment:New Zealand ranks 2nd in Global Peace Index, which is a proof of how much of a safe environment it offers.


New Zealand is divided into three levels, namely Early Childhood which is up to 5yrs of age, Primary School till 10yrs of age, Intermediate School for ages 11-12yrs, Secondary School is for kids of 13-18years of age and the final level is Tertiary Education which constitutes B.A. and M.A. level courses. The education system always thrives to cater to the needs of the students and the pedagogy is always developing alongside the ever changing socio-politico-economical changes of the world, so that the students are always up to date with this changing world.


The extremely cheap tuition fee and low cost of living makes New Zealand the best place to study abroad. Moreover, as English is the medium of instruction, it is extremely easy to fit in. Although the living expenses are inexpensive, the quality of life is amazing and the universities offer a variety of courses to choose. Not to forget that their degrees are acknowledged globally. It is a great experience to study in New Zealand.


Although the students are prohibited to be self-employed, they are allowed to be a worker for someone else. 20 hours a week are permitted during classes whereas they can work full-time on holiday. It is important to be mentioned that it is mandatory to attain an IRD(Inland Revenue Department) before starting working and they will also be taxed. Translation jobs, attendants at supermarkets or restaurants and many more job opportunities are there. Many colleges and universities even offer on-campus jobs.