Study in New Zealand for Indian Students

Study in New Zealand for Indian Students The Perfect Guide !!

Study in New Zealand is a dream for every Indian student; here we at sign overseas education provide information and support on study in New Zealand for Indian students

New Zealand is very safe and peaceful country to live in. New Zealand got its position in top five Peaceful Countries in the world. New Zealand also got fame as the less corrupted country in the world.

The Standard of Education and Life Style in New Zealand is so popular, The Weather Condition will make everyone to fall in love with New Zealand, Cultural Value of New Zealand is World Standard it guarantee us a happy and peaceful stay that is the reason it attraction to study in New Zealand for Indian students

Geography of New Zealand!

New Zealand formed by two major island

1. North Island

2. South Island

Cities of New Zealand:

The Cities of New Zealand are very well known such as:

Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch etc.

Population in New Zealand:

As per Current Status The Population of New Zealand is counted as 4.7 Million , One by third of third of total population living in Auckland the remaining people are found in rest of the cities

Economy of New Zealand:

The New Zealand Economy mainly depends on Dairy Products and Agricultural Sector The Major Part of Dairy Products Exported to Japan, China and Korea

Major Industries of New Zealand:

The Two Major Industries of New Zealand are

1. Hospitality: The World Class Treatment New Zealand Unique in Hospitality Industries in the World

2. Tourism: All most all the countries in the world are promoted by New Zealand Tourism that makes New Zealand as a one of the best travel destination in the world

Currency in New Zealand

The Currency used in New Zealand Known as New Zealand Dollar 1 NZD (New Zealand Dollar) = 45 INR (Indian Rupee) (Approximate Value)

Benefits of Study in New Zealand for Indian Students?

New Zealand Provides World Class Standard Quality of Education, the Practical Oriented Study methods and Adaptation of latest technologies make New Zealand as the Student Hub of the world. Lot of Indian People are studying , working and settled in New Zealand also Priyanka Radhakrishnan who is from Chennai, India elected to the new Zealand parliament in 2017 that is also an added advantage option to study in New Zealand for Indian Students.

Graduate Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, PhD, Post-Graduation Programs are Popular in New Zealand

The Minimum IELTS Score 5.5 is needed for study in New Zealand but it also differ from course to course

50% Mark is enough to get admission for study in New Zealand

Visa Procedures to Study in New Zealand for Indian Students

The visa Procedure for New Zealand is very simple and fast while comparing with other countries like Australia, Canada and Europe.The Fast Processing and Simple steps make New Zealand as an attractive foreign country to study in New Zealand for Indian Students.

How to Get Student Visa to Study in New Zealand?

This includes a few Steps:

Step 1: Choose a Good Institution

Government University , Poly Technic Colleges , Private Universities are available in New Zealand Choose the best one according to the rank , or get some reference from previous students

Step 2: Choose Best Suitable Course

Choose a relevant course related to your previously completed course or education choosing a relevant course will help you to get Visa and PR Easily. Choosing a Course is the key factor to get a job or PR in New Zealand

Step 3: Arrangement of Financial Documents

Even though the fees are vary according to the course and university we choose an approximate amount will be as follows

  • Diploma Course : Approximately 18000 – 22000 NZD / Year
  • Master Degree: Approximately 27000 – 40000 NZD / Year

The Above Mentioned Price is only for the course and the living cost will be additional an average person will cost around 15000 NZD / Year for Living.

if you are choosing a course with a duration of 2 or more years you have to show the financial plan for the subsequent years

How to Arrange Fund to Study in New Zealand?

Normally we are adopting 2 or more methods for arrangement of funds

1. Fixed Deposit

Minimum 6 Month Matured Fixed Deposit Bank Statement needed either on the name of student or their parents.

2. Saving Account

It also requires the money in the bank account with minimum 6 Month Matured bank statements

3. Education Loan

Initially if we are applying for a course we will get a conditional offer letter with the offer letter if we go to bank we will get an educational loan.

Step 4: Medical Examination

Medical should be done in a clinic or hospital which New Zealand Government will accept

Step 5: Get Police Clearance Certificate

We need to get a clear police clearance certificate from the nearest police station

Step 6: Submit Visa Application Form

The Visa Application for study in New Zealand cost around 15000 Indian Rupees Sign Overseas Education will Help student to submit their visa application also we need to submit all the other certificate at the time of visa submission such as experience certificate , Qualification certificate etc.

Step 7: Attend Telephonic Interview

The Major Questions asked in Telephonic interviews are

telephonic Interview in New Zealand Sign Overseas Education
  • Why do you want to select New Zealand to Study?
  • Why do you select this particular course to study
  • Why do you prefer the University?
  • Do you have any person to refer from New Zealand? etc.

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