Study in Australia from Kerala

Study in Australia

The largest country of Oceania, Australia has a number of epithets like ‘Land of Oz’, ‘The Great Southern Land’ and ‘The Lucky Country’ for a reason. It has gained global recognition for being one of the most urbanized countries in the world. Hence, it has also become one of the hotspots for Indian students to pursue higher education. The following reasons will offer us an overview of why an Indian student should consider Australia for higher studies.

Study in Australia

Why Study in Australia  ?


Education quality and variety of courses:

Australia not only offers high quality of education by incorporating and assimilating innovative methods of imparting education, but they also offer an array of courses to do and research topics to work on. Skill-based learning is prioritized here. Moreover, their degrees are regarded as esteemed globally.

Simple VISA attainment process:

Although the VISA depends on the course one is pursuing, it is comparatively easier to acquire an Australian VISA. The Australian Government always thrives to simply the procedure more and more for international students.

Job Prospects:

Considering the high quality of life in Australia, it is a dream of many to be able to live there. Studying in an Australian educational institution opens the door for innumerable job prospects with high salary packages in Australia along with further simplifying the immigration process.

Affordability and Scholarships:

Australia is regarded as one of the most affordable English-speaking countries by Indians. They offer a variety of scholarships to Indian students like Australian Government Research and Training Program, Australia Awards, John All wright Fellowship, Endeavour Leadership Program to make livelihood affordable and comfortable. Furthermore, there is a medical program for international students which cover all their healthcare necessities.

Part-time jobs:

An international Undergraduate or Post graduate student with a student’s VISA can opt for part-time jobs during academic year and full-time during holidays while being enrolled in any college or university. It is easy to get a job with high salary like around Rs 1.4k per hour although they will be taxed. There are innumerable on and off-campus part-time job opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria


There are a number of requirements to be able to apply for studying in Australia, but most importantly, the aspirants need to prove their proficiency in English with the help of tests like IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic and such. The second equally important factor is having a VISA. Apart from these, the criterion varies from one educational institution to other.

Permanent Residency in Australia Acquisition Processes


A person below 45yrs of age, scoring a minimum of 65 points for general Skilled Migration test, having a good health and character can apply for the type of VISA like Skilled Independent VISA, Skilled Nominated VISA, Global Talent VISA in order to attain Permanent Residency in Australia. There are many programs like Employer-Sponsored Migration and such but the method depends on the candidates’ skills, experiences and other relevant factors. Hence, it cannot be said, which option is the easiest for obtaining Australian PR.