Study in Philippines

The Philippines follows secondary education based largely on the American system, making it at par with the global ideas. Thus, if you are seeking to study in the foreign land, we at Sign Overseas, a study abroad consultant, are capable of helping you to get the best of the Philippines. Choose us for assistance and together we can forge a happy career ahead of you.


This island country with 7641 islands has no lack of beautiful places. It also has tropical weather which makes it easier for foreign students to get used to.  With a 93% literacy rate, the country surely places a great deal of importance in its academics.


  • Foreign students are often limited by their knowledge of the regional language. However, the Philippines being a bilingual country with English and the third largest English-speaking country offers courses in English at all levels.
  • Philippines has top ranked universities that fetch students from all over the world.
  • A multilingual culture that gives you greater exposure and bigger outlook with no language boundaries.
  • Life in the Philippines is considerably cheaper than life in a Western country, making it an important point while deciding.


  • Rent and food are also very affordable providing a comfortable life even within a tight budget.
  • English as a national language, there will be no difficulty for Indian students to fit in.
  • Philippines is safer than lot other countries abroad.

Education System in Philippines

With an impressive literacy rate of 93.9%, Philippines places a great deal of importance on education. The higher education in the Philippines is offered through various degree programs. The institutes are either classified into a college or a university, and either public or private, and either secular or religious. It can be strictly divided into,

  • State universities and colleges (SUCs), which are public institution of higher learning.
  • Private tertiary institutions, that may either be sectarian or non-sectarian entities.