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Study in Canada from Kerala



Canada is a pompous and colorful country located in North America. It has successfully established itself as a study hub for foreign students over the years by offering innumerable multitudinous opportunities to them. Hence, more than the image of red maple leaves, people from all over the world have come to equate Canada with opportunities. The following points exemplifies why Canada has become such a lucrative target for foreigners, especially Indian students


Why Study in Canada from Kerala ?



Owing to the Canadian Democracy’s incessant attempts at helping people from other countries migrate there and to spread an environment of acceptance and amicability, Canada has become a country where multilingualism is practiced freely even though English and French are recognized as the official languages. Indian students will easily be able to mingle there as English is taught in almost all Indian schools.


2.Cultural Diversity:

Due to the same reason as mentioned above, Canada has evidently become a country which shows impeccable cultural diversity. While one will find Kerala Onam Celebrated in one corner of a Canadian province, they will also find Chinese New Year and Japanese Tana Bata festivals being celebrated with grandiose in some other part of the same place.

3.Academic Excellence:

Canada thrives for academic excellence by not only offering numerous research topics but also providing the best possible education system in the world. Their degrees are valued globally.


Canada is considered to be the most affordable English-speaking country for pursuing higher studies overseas.

Eligibility Criteria


As long as a student is enrolled at a designated educational institution, does not have any criminal record, and can prove their ability to ensure their own livelihood, along with several other miscellaneous things, she/he is eligible to apply for a study permit.

How to get Part-time jobs in Canada?


Many colleges and universities offer in-campus part-time jobs. It is also easy to find part-time jobs outside. All colleges and universities have bulletins for job advertisements. Plus, there are many websites for this too. One can choose to work as a server in a restaurant, a cook or a translator, all jobs are accepted.

Benefits for Indian students:


There are numerous scholarships designated for Indian students only, like Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, Ontario Trillium Scholarship and so on.

How to get Permanent Residency easily in Canada?


Canada has always welcomed immigration with open-arms. However, among the numerous ways of attaining Permanent Residency, the easiest way is by applying for The Express Entry System where the candidates are assessed based on their age, work experience, educational qualifications and so on. The Provincial Nominee Program and Family Sponsorship are two other easy ways of getting Permanent Residency in Canada.